Pecsétviaszgomba Mi a boldog, tartalmas, hosszú élet titka?ganodermashop a DXN ganozhi szappan alapanyaga stoke jelei esetén


Egészséges kávé cream coffee Energizál, frissít, finom, egészséges Fogyás kávéval ganoderma coffee

Hey there, I’m Susan!

​I’ve been in this industry for almost 4 years and I’ve tried to build this business in many different ways… home/hotel meetings, cold market prospecting, prospecting salesman that come to my door, calling up friends & family, driving 5 hrs to get 20 names a day from stalking waitresses and people at the mall, etc. But none of these methods worked for me.

​What did work for me and succeeded my ganodermashop was using the steps explained by DXN team. I can’t say for definite that they will work for you and my results may not be typical but what I CAN say, is that  if you don’t try them, they definitely  won’t work for you.

​When you click the button below I’ll ask you to let me know your name, email address​, which I’ll use to register you to DXN business.  DXN won’t share your data with anybody else, just gives you  the opportunity to change your life!



Lingzi Black coffee by ganodermashop
Lingzhi Coffee


Ganoderma coffee can boost immunity, help with weight loss, fight fatigue, improve memory, increase energy stamina, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, relieve stress, reverse the aging process, and stimulate circulation.

GL90 ganoderma GL medical mushroom
Ganoderma GL


High quality supplements & vitamins. More than 500 products with strong science behind.


DXN Korean Cosmetics is a cosmetic and skincare series launched by the prestige DXN Group. Backed by Korean experts, research and the latest technology, we are able to produce a reliable and effective line of skincare products which brings out the beauty in you.



Why join to DXN?

Reason 1:
DXN products for your health
If your health important to you – you will love DXN products, which are high quailty and exclusive products. If you join, you can buy them cheaper on distributor price.

Reason 2:
DXN can be an international home-based business for you too, you can earn money while you are helping people to live a better life.

Experience the health benefits of using DXN products. Receive a lifetime discount that will save you money, then create an opportunity to start your own business. Remember, having a good health is an investment, not an expense!

Become a distributor! Register and start your healthy life with DXN today

Why to join to DXN? You can buy the DXN products cheaper, on member price. You able to buy DXN products ~20% cheaper.

Sign up for free to purchase your favorite DXN products.

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(In Europe, it is required to order at least in a value of 100 points to receive the discount. Above 100 points, products can be purchased at the discounted price.)

You can offer DXN products, share your positive product testimonials and earn money.

If you want to do further business like registering new members and earning bonus you have to purchase a Starter Kit in 3 months after free online registration.

Help: How to register as a distributor?

  1. To register as a DXN distributor, click on the following link, it will take you to DXN New Distributor Application and Agreement

Click on the “I have read and understand” button, this will take you to the registration form.

  • In the registration form, fill in all your details.
  • Click on “Continue” button and review all your information.
  • Before sending your registration form, please ensure you have read through the details, tick on “I have read and agree to the above declaration” to the Applicant Declaration of DXN Company, then click on the “Submit” button to complete registration.
  • After you have submitted your distributorship registration, you will be provided with your new distributor code. An email will be sent out to you with your new distributor code, information on distributorship and an activation code to active your account for First Time Login. For country with SMS service enabled, you will receive the activation code via SMS.

Distributors must know:

1. Upon completion of the new distributor registration, you will be given a distributor code to make product purchase at the nearest Branch or Service Center. The distributor code can be used to sponsor new distributors as well.

2. When your monthly purchase at single country reaches the minimum required sales, you will be earn E-Point in that particular month. In order to redeem that earned point(s), distributors are required to purchase the Starter Kit from any Branch/Service Center and register the Kit Code into the system.

Do you have any questions? Contact us now!

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